Digital Housekeeping for a New Year.

I like to be well-prepared to greet a new year. This means having a tidy house, a clean desktop, and an overall clean slate for the 1st of the year. Well, it’s the 29th and I’m freaking out because I just did a vanity search on Google and found a nasty mess of my life... read more →

Art Basel Miami 2011: The Game Plan.

  Click here for the 2012 Art Basel Guide My best picks for parties, events, and art fairs for Art Basel Miami Beach. I chose most of these events based on a set of prioritized criteria: Will I be able to indulge in copious amounts of free liquor? Will I be able to get my.. read more →

Catherine Game Review

I just finished playing Catherine, a bizarre horror/action/puzzle game. Your character is a 30-some year old guy who, in short, is presented with a deep fear of committing to his long-time girlfriend which leads to him regretfully cheating on her with a bombshell of an anime girl. C’mon, you’d totally hit it too. Gameplay varies.. read more →

27 Nov 2011
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Lonely Meme Halloween

This Halloween, I decided to be an Internet meme. More specifically, I chose to be Hipster Ariel. As was made apparent by my night of confused and/or disregarded looks, this was a bad idea. For those who are not familiar… According to KnowYourMeme, Hipster Ariel (a.k.a Hipster Mermaid) is an Advice Animal image macro series featuring a screenshot.. read more →

The Planking Plague Strikes the Agency World

Got my 15 minutes of fame today. A photo of me planking my boss’ office was posted to our company’s Facebook page and somehow made its way onto Media Bistro. Now it’s time to fix my reputation for doing something “so 2 months ago”. read more →

5 Awesome Online Travel Planning Tools (and how your buddies end up doing all the work)

I’ve been keeping busy planning my upcoming trip to Spain this month. I’ll be heading over there with Carlos for about 10 days to explore Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. It’s his birthday and our first wedding anniversary, so we figured we’d do something randomly extravagant. I’m a complete wreck when I plan a trip. I.. read more →

How I Won an iPad and Influenced People

For some reason, I’ve been following the Facebook page run by the car dealership where I purchased my car a few years ago. Every time I come across one of their updates, I flash back to that one late-night OCD rampage I had where I needed to decided to “like” every brand I’ve ever interacted.. read more →