29 Jan 2013

Last Meal on Earth… if you’re in Miami.

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In one of my more weirdly morbid Internet moments, I looked up common last meal requests for Death Row inmates.

The list (which can be found here) contains some pretty creative requests, ranging from “a single olive” to “justice, equality, and world peace.” I like to think I’d be more astute in this type of situation.

Brooklyn-based artist and chef Julia Ziegler-Haynes, illustrates the final meals or “special meals,” requested by 24 death row inmates on the eve of their execution.

This got me thinking – what would I ask for? What dishes from restaurants across South Florida are last-meal worthy? Here’s a cheat sheet if you’re ever in a sitch.

Source: CapitalGrille.com

Lobster Mac & Cheese from Capital Grille.
Any time I have the chance of ordering lobster mac & cheese at a restaurant – I do it. None have come close to Capital Grille’s version.









A single Shack burger + Key Lime Pie Oh My + Cheese Fries combo from Shake Shack. There are few simple foods that come close to perfection. The single Shack burger is one of them. Not a double. Not a regular no-cheese burger from Shake Shack. Anything more or less is a failure. Combine with a few bites of Key Lime Pie Oh My, and some cheese fries to dip, and you’ve got yourself a culinary orgy in your mouth.







Toro from Japanese Market. This tiny sushi counter found inside of a Japanese market is where you find the best, freshest Toro in town. The toro here makes you close your eyes and attempt to chew in ultra slow motion, hoping the moment never fades. So fucking romantic.

Source: FatGirlHedonist.com








Brussels Sprouts from Sakaya Kitchen
changes your perspective on Brussels sprouts in one bite. You can’t, and shouldn’t, explain to anyone why they’re so good. It’s not going to work. Just put a forkful of these tasty balls in your fearful friend’s mouth (because that always works).









Chorizo a la Cidra from Xixon is the epitome of SAUCE I WANT TO DIP SHIT IN. Yes, yes, the chorizo is fantastic. But the real magic happens the second you look down at your chorizo-less plate of red sauce, then look at your basket of bread, then back at your chorizo-less plate of red sauce. Lightbulb.







A Big Bowl of Pork Belly Ramen and a side of Gyoza from Momi. It’s a big ass bowl of ramen with loads of sodium and pork belly and things that will kill you if that wasn’t already your last meal.


Disclaimer: I’m not a food critic. I just like to eat things.

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