Things that suck about DrawSomething

The obsession with DrawSomething, the latest craze in social bathroom time gaming, tends to begin rather innocently. The words you’re given to play are new, fresh and challenging. You start off playing during bathroom breaks, or waiting in line. It’s easy. It’s fun. My personal journey with DrawSomething began as an interesting way to socialize.. read more →

I quit you, Skyrim.

To preface this post, I’m a girl in her mid-twenties with a full-time job. My preferred games in the last couple of years have been short, choose-your-own-adventure titles (think Heavy Rain and Catherine). Besides these, the last long game I played and enjoyed was Kingdom Hearts 2. I’m not a fan of getting every single.. read more →

07 Feb 2012

Catherine Game Review

I just finished playing Catherine, a bizarre horror/action/puzzle game. Your character is a 30-some year old guy who, in short, is presented with a deep fear of committing to his long-time girlfriend which leads to him regretfully cheating on her with a bombshell of an anime girl. C’mon, you’d totally hit it too. Gameplay varies.. read more →

27 Nov 2011
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