Will Pay to Not Talk to You: How Physical Services are Becoming Digital Commodities

  Going to the supermarket to replenish my toilet paper was never a big deal. A typical trip included a short, relatively painless drive and interactions with at least two people (the cashier and bag boy) if I was lucky. Not a bad errand to run, right? Especially if you successfully avoid having someone ding.. read more →

Harlem Shake: The Life & Death of Super Memes

At some point between January 30th and February 17th, 2013, you’ve been asked to either watch or participate in a “Harlem Shake” video. Regardless of how you feel about it, you’ve probably hummed it while brushing your teeth, or already imagined your pre- and post-beat drop dance. You’re in the midst of another Super Meme.. read more →

What the hell is Klout?

Signing up for Klout was a result of a bout of blackout binge registering. Just one of those things I was magically subscribed to and whose app was installed on my phone when I woke up one morning. This new “Klout” thing promised to measure my social influence and give me a numerical score for.. read more →

Things that suck about DrawSomething

The obsession with DrawSomething, the latest craze in social bathroom time gaming, tends to begin rather innocently. The words you’re given to play are new, fresh and challenging. You start off playing during bathroom breaks, or waiting in line. It’s easy. It’s fun. My personal journey with DrawSomething began as an interesting way to socialize.. read more →

Bitches Love Pinterest

I have to admit, I’m guilty of following every start-up with a quirky name, and signing up for an account or beta if it’s available. I’m constantly hungry to try out every new-fangled concept developed by a 20-some year old.   An app that lets me pay my bar tab from my iPhone? Another e-payment.. read more →

Life Analytics: Why Pictures of Sandwiches Are Never Going Away.

Stop hassling your lunch date for taking a photo of their meal for the fourth time this week. That interestingly angled picture of a sandwich will surely evoke a really nice, pleasant memory in the years ahead. Welcome to this generation’s way of documenting life and storing memories and emotions. Your lunch date’s grand kids.. read more →

Digital Housekeeping for a New Year.

I like to be well-prepared to greet a new year. This means having a tidy house, a clean desktop, and an overall clean slate for the 1st of the year. Well, it’s the 29th and I’m freaking out because I just did a vanity search on Google and found a nasty mess of my life... read more →

Lonely Meme Halloween

This Halloween, I decided to be an Internet meme. More specifically, I chose to be Hipster Ariel. As was made apparent by my night of confused and/or disregarded looks, this was a bad idea. For those who are not familiar… According to KnowYourMeme, Hipster Ariel (a.k.a Hipster Mermaid) is an Advice Animal image macro series featuring a screenshot.. read more →

The Planking Plague Strikes the Agency World

Got my 15 minutes of fame today. A photo of me planking my boss’ office was posted to our company’s Facebook page and somehow made its way onto Media Bistro. Now it’s time to fix my reputation for doing something “so 2 months ago”. read more →